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Our company is professional in producing fiber nibs and ink reservoirs. With more than 20-year experience of manufacturing pen nibs, including whiteboard nibs, water color nibs, chisel pen nibs, marker pen nibs, cosmetic pen nibs, acid proof alkali pen nib, etc.

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For many years, Deqing Huayu Pen company has professionally produced gluetype polyester pen-nibs. Also our company has developed independently a series of products, such as water-color pen nib、marker pen nib、highlighter pen nib、whiteboard pen nib and so on.Now, Our company boasts advanced production


The first feature is a pencil, though it can work, but you must not forget that it is because there has been a hand to guide you. The second feature of the pencil is that sometimes we can not stop, sliced a cut it with
Each pencil are printed on a long list of gold and silver in the text, which is a pencil mark, model, manufacturer's name and logo and other. This is done to allow people to see that this is what kind of pencil: is used
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